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By Girlguiding Sittingbourne, Nov 26 2017 08:02PM

Celebrating a total of 175 years service to Girlguiding Sittingbourne, 9 leaders were awarded their 40, 30, 20 and 5 year Long Service Awards at our annual County Training Day

By Girlguiding Sittingbourne, Nov 26 2017 08:00PM

Two Brownies from 11th Sittingbourne brownies visited Happy Endings Rescue Centre to present them with a cheque for £120 that was raised by the girls having a sponsored evening at one of their meetings. To raise the money the girls were sponsored to dance half the meeting away & then the second half of the meeting was conducted in silence.

The girls wanted the money to go to a local animal charity & Happy Endings fitted the bill as it's based in Faversham & helps to rescue & re-home animals in need.

Well done to all that took part.

By Girlguiding Sittingbourne, Nov 26 2017 07:44PM

2nd Sittingbourne Rainbows and 6th Sittingbourne Brownies have been awarded a certificate for their hard work, raising money over half term by filling smartie tubes.

By Girlguiding Sittingbourne, Nov 26 2017 07:34PM

1st Sittingbourne Brownies & 2nd Sittingbourne Rainbows made their own poppy wreaths for Remembrance

By Girlguiding Sittingbourne, Nov 26 2017 07:24PM

Amazing turnout for our Remembrance Parade today, over 70 Rainbows, Brownies, Guides,Senior Section and Leaders joined in the annual act of Remembrance.

By Girlguiding Sittingbourne, Nov 4 2017 12:52PM

Two girls from Sittingbourne Division receiving their B.P. awards from Lorna Castle Division Commissioner and Charlotte Pearce, our new Division Guide Advisor. Congratulations Sophie Lewis of 4th Milton Regis (St Mary’s) Guide Unit and Jodie Frost of 1st Bobbing Guide Unit.

By Girlguiding Sittingbourne, Nov 4 2017 12:46PM

4th Milton Regis Brownies had a great time at Soar trampoline Park and gained a new badge. 6 Brownies made their promise while at Soar.

By Girlguiding Sittingbourne, Oct 26 2017 08:51AM

On the 2nd September 2017, 1st Sittingbourne Brownies went to Dover Castle.

The Brownies where able to help make butter and took a tour around the Castle and grounds. The Brownies where lucky enough to be able to see a falconer display with a Hawk that wanted to crash in to them instead of finding it foods. Final the girls took to the Communication Tower and saw the white cliffs of Dover. When asked about the day all the Brownies said they had a fantastic time and would love to go again.

By Girlguiding Sittingbourne, Jul 2 2017 05:10PM

On Thursday 22 June the 11th Sittingbourne Brownies visited Morrison's supermarket in Sittingbourne where they was met by Hayley, Morrison's Community Champion. They were given a tour of the store, they visited various counters including the meat and fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables and pizza where they sampled foods. They were also given a tour of behind the scenes, where they got to see the loading bay, store room and was able to go into the fridge and freezers.

They also visited the bakery department where each one of them was able to make a plaited loaf, helped by Colin and Danny two of the bakers at the store. They were all given a doughnut for their hard work and was able to take their bread home.

The girls had a great time and would like to thank Morrison's for having us.


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