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Brownies have fun, they learn a lot, go on trips, maybe even on holidays where they have to sleepover, they

earn badges, play lots of exciting games and enjoy creating crafts. Brownies learn to work together, help

each other and often make friends for life.


The new programme is full of amazing experiences and adventures, and it will make it easier for you to

stay with us from Rainbows right up to The Senior Section. There are six special themes that you will do

activities and badges for.


Know myself - all about getting to know who you are, and your role in Girlguiding and the wider world.

Express myself - showing off and sharing your creativity with others.

Be well - helping you look after your own and others’ physical and mental well-being.

Have adventures - exploring the outdoors and nature.

Take action - using your voice to help your local community and the wider world.

Skills for my future - giving you all the right building blocks for you to become independent and successful in life.


You will be able to earn badges, there will be lots of badges for you to work towards, and the same fun activities for you to

enjoy every week with your friends.


Unit activities - these are the things you enjoy each week in your unit meetings, either in small groups or with the whole pack.

Skills-builder badges - badges you can earn while having fun in your unit activities. There will be six different stages within each one, so you can start wherever your current level is.

Interest badges - badges you work towards on your own, choosing the things you’re most interested in.

Anniversary badges - there will be new anniversary badges to celebrate each year and everything you learn by being part of Girlguiding.

Activity theme awards and end of section awards - there will also be special new awards that celebrate your achievement within your section and the six themes. You can choose whether you want to work towards them or not.


More information on the Brownie programme can be found on the Girlguiding uk website.


There are several units in Sittingbourne, meeting throughout the week for more details please use the 'Join A Unit' link at the top of the page which will take to the national website


So, do not forget, become a Brownie as soon as you are seven.  

 You will have experiences you will remember for life.





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